Nearby Nature destinations and routes

Nature destinations:

  • Aapajärvi wetland:In 2015 restored 50 hectare wetland area, which is diverse and has plenty to enjoy. Many Bird Species of Lapland among other things
  • Birdtower Sokanaapa/Luiro mires: Sokanaapa Bird Tower is located in the southern part of the marshes, in a beautifully landscaped location and takes you to the 600m unobstructed boardwalk. Large bog, in natural state with, Finland's most extensive bastions and rare oasisswamp in Finnish Lapland. The Luiro marshes are very rich in birds (FINIBA) and are protected (Natura 2000), an internationally significant wetland.
  • There is overnight stays suitable lean-to on riverbank in Luiro rivers one biggest rapits.
  • Pyhä-Luosto´s national park: While the fells and the gorges alternate in the laplands forests, you can roam in a unique natiolal landscape of primeval forest and explore the sacred places of forest Sami people.
  • Urho Kekkonen NationalparkFinlands second biggest nationalpark offers even to an inexperienced hiker an opportunity to explore national landscapes on the signposted routes of the western part. You can also hike in large coves and fells, stay in the wilderness huts and admire Santa's home landscapes from Korvatunturi.


  • The Ski-trails Pyhä-Luosto: 150 km long trail network connects fells in nationalparks scenerys.
  • Kivitunturi Hiking trail: good day trip destination for hiking in Savukoski village. Great views, good marked trails and opportunity to snacking at several campfire places.

Village road and scenery roads:

  • In the heart of the village, on both sides of the river, you can cycle around to admire the landscape. Kotiniemi´s roads suit also good for cycling. For a longer route you can go from eastern side of the river, while continuing to Aapajärventie, and back from there by the edge of the road E5. There is also a lean-to on the route where is good to take a break. Rent a mountain bike Insera Wampa Sizes 17 ″ or 19 ″ 25 € / pcs / 3h or 65 € / day. Niina Kangas / 040 5123131
  • Mountainbike routes in Pyhä-Luosto: Scenic landscapes and destinations by over hundred mountainbike trail kilometers.
  • Snowmobile Trails of Pelkosenniemi: Good connections through the routes and tracks to the fells of the nearby area.