Welcome to our traditional laplandis village!

Welcome to our village in Pelkosenniemi's Kairala in the Laplands´s heartland. You´ll find us along the E5, from Eastern Lapland.

Experience the dark polar night, the Northern Lights, the Autumns Color Scenery, or the summers nightless night, between silence and genuine Lapland nature and people. Our traditional, landscape-protected villages with reindeers and sheep grazing on our meadows.

By the fields and old Ostrobothnians log-building village atmosphere you can experience history reaching hand dignifiedly towards today, and enjoy clean air,water and snow as the seasons change.

There is about 80 of us villagers and we are descendats of frontiersman and sami people who came over 300 years ago. Our roots are deep in the Lapland´s soil. Nature is important to us, and there are many endangered plant species in our immediate surroundings, and both the fishing grounds and berry bushes are rich.

Our villages landscape is arouded by the fells from three sides, and largely protected marshes spread out in large circuses in our village environment. River, Kitinen, crosses our village, and we are neighbors of two national parks. Pyhä-Luosto´s nationalpark in the west and Urho Kekkonen nationalpark on our eastside.

Come on ,experience and be delighted

Images of projects and works from the villagers of this summer.