Villages Outdoor activity possibilitys

in summer time you can fish from the riverside even with a worm fishing, and put one's feet up on campsite on Sillankorva lean-to, or cool off on the river's natural sand bank on the east side of the bridge. There are two good boat landings.

You can rent a bicycle or fatbike if you like and enjoy unique village landscape on wheels.

Pyhä-Luosto´s National Park is situated just half an hour's drive away and offers many tours and hiking trails.

At winter time the skitrails go aroud villages fields and forrests .And there is a possibility to go downhill sleading on Tallavaara Hill.

The Northern Lights season is from September to March, and when weather permits there is a beautiful setting around the village, When the snow situation allowes, there are good snowshoeing landscapes in Kairala, and when the ice gets stronger, you can ice-fish on the nearby lakes. There are many snowmobileroutes around the village, with good connections to the fells in the area 

if you are looking for more physical winter activty, there are many possibilities in Pyhä-Luosto, where you can for exemple downhill ski, snowboard or ice climbing.